Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hello! Flower Freebie.

Hey there! Welcome.
So, being that this is my first post, I guess some introductions are in order. Hi *waves* My name is Myshelle, or Shell and I am an artisan crafter. I dabble into most crafts, however I do love mainly crochet, scrapbooking (both digital and traditional), sewing and kids crafts (who doesnt!) I live in Tasmania, Australia. I am mother to 3 adorable girls, who are the source of my inspiration for most projects. My crafty streak seems to have been passed onto my girls, and we love finding fun new things to do.

This blog was created with the idea to share, give and teach. You will find free scrapbooking kits and elements, tutorials (Both written and video) on all things craft, crochet patterns, kid friendly craft ideas and a whole lot of fun. I am a firm believer in sharing knowledge and so I give this all freely.

Most things I share you are free to do whatever you like with, with the exception of scrapbooking elements. They will be clearly marked either PU (Personal Use Only) or CUOK, however, this is CU4PU (Commercial Use For Personal Use), meaning you can use them to help you design your own kits/packs, but only if they are not for profit. I spent alot of time working on scrapbooking elements and it would be unfair for you to profit from something I give freely. Most CU4PU kits will include overlays, templates and small elements.

Digital kits will have direct download links. I dislike the use of mediafire/4shared/ect as alot of people have issues with them, not to mention the long wait time for downloads. All you need to do is click the "Download here" link and save the file to your computer. It could not get any easier. For those new to digital scrapbooking, it is polite to drop a line of thanks when you download a freebie, be it mine or anyone else's on the net. It lets the designer know that you like and appreciate their work, and often encourages them to create more.

Tutorials will be shared via Youtube and Embedded here so you can watch them on either site.

I think that about covers it! Ill be starting some basic layout creation videos on Monday when the girls are at school and the house is quiet so if you want to learn how to digiscrap, keep an eye out for them!

To kick us off, here is my first freebie for this blog! Enjoy.


  1. I downloaded it but I am not sure how to use it :o(

  2. I will have tutorials up over the next few days. I have to wait for my girls to go to school so there is some quiet in the house :)